• Quality dance education
  • flexibility
  • Non-comptetitive classes
  • Nurturing environment
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Irish Dance

Irish Dance shoes
Image by triskell’s via Flickr
  • Students learn leisurely in a non-competitive group atmosphere.
  • A great chance to make some new friends!
  • Dancing, singing, and storytelling will be included in every class.
  • Performance opportunities!

Tango with Glenn Corteza

Tango with Glenn Corteza


“The tango is a direct expression of something that poets have often tried to state in words: the belief that a fight may be a celebration. “
“El Tango es la directa expresión de lo que comúnmente los poetas han tratado de definir en palabras como: la creencia de que la lucha puede ser un festejo” Jorge Luis Borges.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi

Instructor: Si-Fu Loren Chin

  • According to the latest studies, Tai Chi practitioners were found to be more relaxed than yoga practitioners after one year of practice.  In fact, the yoga practitioners were more stressed than when they started!
  • After just 2 weeks of Tai Chi class, people with osteoarthritis reported major improvements, including weight loss and better pain management.